Dear diary (week one)

By | February 26, 2016 3 comments
 Hello lovelies!As I was wandering around the town staring at the sunset sky one night,an idea popped into my head.I wanted to write more about my days,my feelings and more in my blog,so I decided I'd start a "diary" type of thing every friday,describing my whole week in one post.Hope you like this idea and get to know more of my daily life! Let's go.
Dear diary,
This week was a pretty good one.It kinda stresses me out how we're going to enter the third month of what?! I remember celebrating New Years wondering how 2015 flew by...I actually am really afraid of March,considering I have 3 of my 5 competitions that month...How stressful.But back into my week,I started my acting practices and they're kinda tiring but yeah.I'm starting to get more social and speaking to my co-workers (aka other actors and actresses haha).I always was too awkward around,like I was genuinely scared when someone spoke to me.Progressive hahaha.This week was really good for my blogging experience,I mean I literally started designing my own details I put in my right sidebar.And I've been gaining a lot of online friends it's crazy! I'm always here if you want to be friends with :) Don't be shy.Okay,blogging has been good this week but not any signs of love.I mean I ignore guys when they write to me...Sometimes I feel like that's wrong but then again if you reply and talk to them for a day,they're going to ask to be their girlfriend.Like,hell no I'm not that easy -_-.And I'm 14 man,too young for relationships (serious ones).I hate playing around. I patiently wait for my crush to talk to me,but he loves someone else and....I'm fine...yeah...totally *wipes tear*..Hhaahah,just joking I'm fine as long as I have you my loves.So you see my love life is not interesting at all,so we'll just jump to other topics for what I've gone through this week.Uhm,I actually had a conversation with an american teacher and that was really special to me,but while talking once I messed up and couldn't find the words to express what I wanted to say and I got as red as a tomato.That was so embarrassing.(By now you've understood that I'm not a native english speaker,right?).We talked about a lot of things like self harm,friendship,family..even blogs haha! It was really nice to listen to her accent..ah I wish I had an american accent.Mine sucks.This week I've been spending a lot of time on We Heart It,here's my account if you want to follow: Click here xo
and also Tumblr.I haven't been bullied by classmates this week,it feels strange.They've actually been nice o.O I think I'm not gonna make this page any longer,I'll see you next friday!
All the love.XO
Please write your opinions about this post,should I continue doing the diary types of posts or nah? Please leave your honest opinion.Baiii! <3

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  1. This nice work in this age! Amazing! Keep it up!

    1. I really appreciate your comment! It made me happy for the whole day x

  2. Nice post! I feel like this year is flying by already, its scary.