4 easy to recreate Winter outfit ideas

By | February 17, 2016 8 comments
It's quite annoying when you search for outfit ideas,and some complicated outfits show up.Like,yes you slay that dress,but almost noone owns it and I can't recreate it?? Since I've been having that problem quite a lot,I thought it'd be nice to make my own outfit ideas with clothes everyone owns.Hope you get inspired by any of those 4. Let's get into it!
P.S you can pin them all,just point into the photo with the mouse and the 'Pin it' button will pop up!
1.For this outfit,you'll need overalls,a blouse and leggings/tights.In this one,I'm wearing a military printed skirt overalls,but it doesn't have to be so.Unless you have one too though,then we'd be twinning.I made my hair up in a Ariana Grande-inspired hairstyle.Oh and don't forget the choker :p
2.Remember the Things I've been loving lately post ? Well I got inspired from that one outfit and recreated it,but replaced shorts with jeans,considering it's cold for them.Anyway this outfit is also easy to recreate.We all have jackets and flannels.The jeans don't need to be ripped,I just thought it looked more grungy.And if it's cold,you can wear another jacket too.
3.For the sunny february day,a skirt can't do any harm! Wear it with a black blouse and a jacket over them.Btw,if it's colder you can wear tights,leggings or high thigh socks.Also,I came up with some other options:
1- a cardigan looks equally as good.So feel free to replace the jacket with the cardigan.
2-if you're having a bad hair day,a bandana is the perfect answer (if it matches with the outfit).
4.The grungest of them all :p.For this outfit,you're gonna need an oversized sweater (if you don't have one,sneak one from your dad/brother/male cousin 's closet bwahahaha) , leggings and a flannel.Oh and a hair band to tie your hair in a half bun.Also I was wearing a choker but I noticed it didn't show up in the pics.So,a choker would be nice.
This was it for today's post loves! I hope you enjoyed and/or got any ideas.My biggest recommendation is to play around with your closet,you'll win a lot of outfits you never thought of matching ;) Leave your reviews below and make sure to send me a photo on twitter (@mypastel_world) if you recreate any of them.All the love,
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  1. Wow great ideas it gave me some inspiration!

  2. Awesome post! I LOVE the second and last outfit :)

  3. u look great! Lovely post, thank you for sharing this with us. Whenever you have time visit me at: www.its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk !! Have a lovely week. xXx

  4. love it! you are my inspiration,Can't wait for the spring outfit:)
    ps you are so beautiful:) good luck sweetie

  5. wow i love your style. and blog as well. :)