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Hello ladies! I figured I haven't done a post related to me or a haul in a really long time since DIYs have taken over haha.So for today's post,I'm going to share with you my current favorite products which amaze me everyday :) Let's just get into it!
We're gonna start off with the biggest product,this cute organization box.It's bright,colorful and I just simply love it! Plus it was really cheap,I bought it for 1 euro , which is a little bit more than 1 dollar.Let's open it and see my other favs!:)
The inside of the box is pastel pink,which makes it even cuter.All of my favorites are laying there [and I put them in for photo purposes,not that I keep them there lol].
-This Aerosol pink spray paint gives me life.It has a really nice shade of pink (the cap color).I also bought it for really cheap and it's come in handy ever since.It'll appear in some DIY-s so be prepared ;)
-Next we have this really cute mint color nail polish.I love its bright vibe,it's perfect for spring and summer.This was 50 cents,which is a unbelievable deal! I'm simply in love with it and I'm glad it covers my nail without being sheer in just a simple coat.
-Just look at dem pastel Post-it notes! I couldn't resist their cheap price and beautiful color.They've been really handy since they're small and practical.These are also a great BTS essential if you ask me,I can't live my life without them !
-THIS washi tape.I'm so obsessed with it and I keep adding it to every object.I can't help it — it's too cute! In this photo it doesn't look that cute but to be fair,in real life it's full of bright colors and fun.It is indeed my favorite washi tape that I own.
-How can one forget about Baby Lips when talking about favorites? Not only they moisturize your lips,they also smell great and are trendy at the same time.It's my favorite lipbalm
-And now,is this tricky pencil.It looks normal to you,does it?
-WRONG. It has its own pencil sharpener in the cap and it's amazing! It saves so much space.I think I'm going to DIY this pencil into something fancier but until then,it's gonna stay this classy black and it's still gonna be my favorite thing ever.
These scissors cut everything,literally EVERYTHING.They're sharp and [let's admit] not that cute,but appearance doesn't matter as long as they work perfectly.I've bought them the cheapest out of all of these stuff and I'm still amazed that I bought these gals for 35 cents!
So,this is my post in a nutshell. ^ Hope you enjoyed today's post and be ready for some back to school DIYs and hauls ! Hope you enjoyed.
Until next time,hugs and kisses!

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